PocketCounter 0.79

Free countdown timer for Symbian phones

PocketCounter is a very easy to use but still powerful counter/timer for Symbian phones. The main goal in its development was to create comprehensible, small and accurate timing tool without bloating it with gratuitous features. Comfortable user interface with clear digit display and hardware-button support enables handy and smooth operation.

Timing engine is explicitly designed for mobile-platform and guarantees exceptional accuracy with low processor load.

Features include:

  • Subsecond accuracy. 1/100 second measuring accuracy is based on special timingengine(tm) using 1000.000 ticks/second ticking high-performance-counter and software synchronizing to hardware-clock chip
  • Fully supports hardware-keys. usage is designed for Compaq iPaq 38xx and 36xx-series and may not fully work on other devices. Update: Works perfectly also on Jornada 568 and Toshiba e550G (xScale) with full hardware key-support
  • Large and clear font viewable even without backlight
  • Standard counting-operations; start, stop, pause, reset, lap, elapsed
  • Unlimited list of elapsed and lap times
  • Export time list to ASCII-file. Immediately editable in Notes or Pocket Word
  • Adaptive threadpriority and display refresh rate adjusting (quarantees smooth background operation for other applications)
  • Automatic standby disable when counter is running. Forces device to stay on
  • Tiny executive (~ 55 kb) to save valuable memory
  • Continues counting even when device is off

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PocketCounter 0.79

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